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daVinci Educational Consultants have been working to improve the educational environment in China, Japan and the United States for the past 15 years.

Working with educational institutions in China, Japan, Stanford University, University of California San Francisco, parents, students and staff, daVinci seeks to make education learning through experiencing, rather than merely memorization and test taking.

Students range in age from 4th grade to 9th grade with counselors from high school and college. 报名E3的年龄范围从四年级到九年级需有辅导员带领和从高中到大学的学生。

Our new program E3: Education, Experiences, English is an opportunity for Chinese students to learn English through hands-on experiences of real life English learning situations while living in the United States in home stays and participating in daily expeditions of learning.  Two of the counselors and two of the staff will speak Chinese.  Further, Beijing resident and co-founder of E3, YaoHong Ma [Maggie], will be the liaison for E3 students and their homestays and the summer program staff.
我们的夏令营新项目e3: 教育、体验、英语,为中国学生提供一个绝佳的机会亲身体验真实的英语学习场景,与此同时,学生寄宿在美国家庭,在日常生活中也能学习英语。夏令营的两位辅导老师以及两位助教会讲中文。另外,e3的联合创始人Yaohong Ma [Maggie]来自北京,她将担任e3学员与寄宿家庭的联络人,并且担任夏令营日常工作。

Students learn English words through fun play at E3. 在E3学生通过游戏学习更多的英语单词。

The two week program features a different learning theme for each week.  The first week is Outside Your Comfort Zone and the second week is Outdoor Education.  A pre and post test of their English skills will be given and evaluations presented to parents.

Quiet time includes reading, writing, crafting, and maybe a nap. 室内的时间孩子们可以阅读,写作,制作和午睡。

Using the environment in and around San Francisco, California, students will be guided by a staff which will present students with unique experiences to test their ability to adapt. communicate, cooperative, and build a community.  They will participate in a challenging low level ropes course experience and learn to negotiate speaking English to Americans.  They will also tour two American high schools.

Art provides a means for learning and group cooperation. 艺术学习和小组合作提供了一种方法和团队精神。

Using nature as the catalyst, students will be confronted regularly with opportunities to learn new English, apply the English they are learning and develop the emotional intelligence skills to become better communicators in any language.

We do real science at E3 summer camp. 我们将在E3夏令营做真正的科学实验。

The second half of the program will feature five days and four nights at Point Bonita National Park just a few miles north of San Francisco where students will learn to communicate, cooperate and build a community while studying the biology, botany, wild life, geology and history of this area while living in the National Park.
夏令营第二周将前往位于旧金山以北数公里的Point Bonita国家公园进行五天四夜的露营。在那里,学生将学习如何交流、合作、团队建设,并且学习了解生物学、植物学、野生动物、地质学知识以及该地区的历史。

Nutrition is a concern of E3 and meals provide time to develop friendships and a sense of community. 聚餐是E3学生们利用在膳食提供时间,来培养友谊和团体意识。

If you are interested in this program contact  YaoHong Ma [Maggie] at  bboo6600@icloud.com for further information.
如果您有兴趣,请通过电子邮件bboo6600@icloud.com联系YaoHong Ma [Maggie] ,了解更多信息。

The cost of the two-week program is RMB 30,000 and includes air fare.  It does not include passport or visa cost. The cost includes all materials, summer program, outdoor education program, home stay and meals, as well as a special Chinese traveling liaison from Beijing to the United States and return.

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